Our guidelines are designed to help the Canadian marketing community realize maximum efficiency & effectiveness in order to drive business results.

Global Standard Ad Guidelines

Transition now to the IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio: Lightweight, Cross-Screen, and Flexible size ads that implement LEAN principles. The New Ad Portfolio guidelines developed by the IAB Tech Lab Ad Portfolio Working Group are comprehensive recommendations of advertising…

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C-76 Issue Tracker Database Info – 2021

IAB Canada has developed a database solution in partnership with Canadian Press that allows subscribers to access all current “Issues” during the 2021 Election period. Furthermore, the database will include corresponding keywords as well as domains that are associated with…

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Ontario Election Finances Act Amendments Impacting Publishers

Ontario Election Finances Act Amendments Impacting Publishers July 20, 2021 The purpose of this document is to outline the current requirements outlined in the Ontario Elections Finances Act (highlighting recent amendments) for the IAB Canada Elections working group and publisher…

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